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AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest tech trends in the 21st century that revolutionized the digitalization of many industries.

The sophisticated features of AI are now broadening its horizons by creating software that could automate data entry processes. Joining forces with data entry automation, AI now allows you to step away from manual data entry processes like scanning, documenting, and storing. Using AI automation can save up more time to enhance your business revenues, create client connections, and mitigate disruptions in your workflow.

AI automation solutions don’t need indexing, categorizing, templates, or keywords. Instead, it is capable of extracting the correct data and information from a wide variety of documents such as word docs, PDF files, or invoices. They can also recognize languages, formats, and symbols ensuring that each detail is accurately extracted.

Technically, AI automation solutions seek to replace manual data entry processes and mitigate errors occurring during the process. The AI technology is highly accurate and it reduces issues such as data duplication, data loss, and misinformation.

Why is AI powered data automation the future?

It is said that the data capture solutions are projected to hit $3.84 billion globally by 2024. With manual data entry processes gradually seeing an end, AI automation technology is slowly invading companies across the globe.

Here are some reasons why AI powered data automation is the future.

Data classification

Companies have to deal with thousands of data on a daily basis. When data is entered, they need to be properly categorized or indexed so that it is easily accessible when needed.
For a long time, manual data classification had drained too much time and strength while being prone to misidentification.

AI automation technology has an inherent ability to classify and sort different types of documents ranging from images to PDFs. After a document is processed once, AI solutions are capable of identifying the type of data and learning where the data should be extracted to. Sample documents can be provided to the software and eventually, it will be able to understand the variations. The very next moment it sees a similar document it is capable of understanding the data.

This quick recognition process ensures swift data processing and it effectively addresses the human errors made during data entry. It not only enhances the accuracy of data but also creates a high level of confidentiality.

Enables data extraction

AI automation solutions are excellent modes of data extraction. They are capable of extracting data whether the document is structured or not. For example, a company not always deals with printed documents, there are handwritten documents as well. It is a hard process to read handwritten documents, understand them, and extract the data as they are not structured well enough. AI automation technology provides the perfect solution. The advanced deep learning system in AI software can recognize and understand handwritten symbols and extract them effortlessly without human interference.

Furthermore, manual data entry processes need keywords and templates, but AI automation does not. For example, processes like invoice identification which usually need templates, are easily handled and extracted through AI automation.

Thus, AI automation solutions can be considered far superior to alternatives like manual processing. For years, people have struggled with over-exhaustion, time consumption, and additional costs due to the inconveniences like difficulty in reading handwritten characters, duplicated data entries, and data misidentification. AI automation technology offers solutions to mitigate these issues by understanding complex patterns of numbers and data and formatting them before processing them for future reference.

This establishes the accuracy that is often lacking in the traditional data entry processes. Above all, you can reduce the money spent on data correction and increase the productivity of your services.

Validity and security

Generally, manual data entry processes can cause data duplication, data misidentification, and tardiness.

AI automation solutions guarantees that your information maintains accuracy. Their deep learning capacity makes them capable of recognizing whether data is duplicated or altered. When an error is identified by AI, data can be re-entered manually or the OCR frame can be adjusted to rectify the error. Once this error has been rectified, Al Trainer retrains the Al to avoid the error in the future, constantly improving for more accurate data extraction.

In the traditional manual data entry processes, employees had to match through documents and confirm their validity. With AI automation doing that job, time and energy can be saved up to focus on strategies to increase ROI and the quality of your services.

Increase productivity

AI automation technology not only eases your data entry process but also directly impacts the functionality of your business.

It ensures to,

• Reduce manual errors
• Reduce paperwork and save money
• Improve clarity
• Fasten the process

By reducing errors caused by manual data processes, AI automation solutions offer more time to focus on strengthening relationships with the stakeholders and providing efficient services to your current customers. Optimizing your productivity with AI automation will directly help boost your profits and revenues. Business reputation is a crucial aspect. AI automation allows you to focus more on enhancing customer relationship thereby increasing your customer service and company value.

Why choose PaperEntry?

PaperEntry technology is designed to work with different types of documents. The documents can be extracted from emails, shared folders, and can be integrated via APIs.

PaperEntry not only provides the aforementioned facilities but also ensures the trust and security of your data.

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