New Shipment Creation

New shipment creation is an important part of the Freight Forwarding industry. Customers and Freight Forwarders should send shipment details via email. A large amount of data are sent through when a new shipment is created that will be entered manually. By automating this manual process, you can reduce stress, and time, and gain more productivity.



There are 3 ways in which shipping information can be collected:


1. The information can be mentioned extensively in emails

2. Sending a shipping instruction document that contains the necessary information

3. Sent as an email attachment BOL document that could be downloaded


PaperEntry is meant to make the shipping process easier by extracting the information from emails, documents, PDFs, etc., allowing all the details to be accurately entered into the database.

Document Forwarding


Our OCR software solution enters data 99.9% accurately and efficiently all while reducing costs.

Data Extraction


PaperEntry’s AI-based OCR software extracts all of your structured information directly from your documents.

Human Validation


PaperEntry has a dedicated team of AI validation experts to verify all data is accurate before entering into the TMS.

ERP Integration


Once processed, your information can be directly loaded into your ERP system hassle-freely.