Hotels/Restaurants/Cafes also known as HoReCa deals with a large number of bills and invoices on a daily basis as countless number of sales and purchases occur per day. Keeping track of these invoices and bills is a very important yet time-consuming and tiring task.


Some of the documents that HoReCa deals with are:

  • Direct and shipping invoices
  • Import / Export Items and Notes
  • Suppliers deliveries check
  • Inventory entries
  • Purchase detail
  • Purchase invoices
  • Credit notes and debit notes
  • Bill of Lading

    The way invoices and bills are managed can make or break a company in this industry. Manually entering data from sales and purchases that occur within the day can be time-consuming and highly error-prone, making it a daunting process.


    PaperEntry is here is make things easier. Our software solution will automate the data entry process making it much faster, accurate, and cost-effective. This will help allocate your resources to more revenue-generating tasks. Automating will also help keep track of all bills and invoices, and pay the vendors and stakeholders on time making it possible to maintain a good relationship.