Docs on Boarding

PaperEntry allows the user to attach up to three files for each vendor directly in this feature, instead of sending the documents from email or dropping them to Google Drive.
Our software solution can set a priority level and add notes or remarks that should be added.



PaperEntry is a user-friendly dashboard with easy UI/UX with customizable sorting, searching, and filtering.

Page splitter


Our AI-powered software solution can split files with multiple documents according to the number of invoices and be tracked to see whether it’s split correctly or not. (Example: a pdf file containing both invoice and packing list can be split into two pdf files, one for the invoice and one for the packing list)

Once the documents are split, they are sent for automated text data extraction. After the documents are split, they are added to the ‘Shipments’ dashboard.

Shipments Dashboard


Our shipment dashboard offers role-based accessibility and viewing, making it easier to track and manage.

PaperEntry dashboard indicates instant updates on processing status of documents. It will show if the documents are queued,under process, processed, failed, or validated. The status will be automatically updated as the documents are processed. If necessary, operators can manually validate the documents.

The operator who has been assigned to validate the invoices can be viewed from our software and also allows to assign operators if necessary, on the dashboard.

Clients are able to view the dashboard to see when the document was approved allowing them to see when documents were processed and any backlogs in validation.

Data mapping


PaperEntry has pre-programmed mapping as per industry standards and clients are able to manually map data if necessary.

Data mapping now includes


Supplier code mapping
Importer code mapping


Goods code mapping
Currency code mapping


Country code mapping
Value mapping
Line-item filter

Value validation

One of the key features included in this update is value validation. Value validation means that data will not be validated and processed to any TMS/ERP systems unless it is corrected. This will assure the accuracy of your data entry into your TMS/ERP system.

Before the document is validated, operators must perform mandatory checks. These are custom checks, and the operators can choose which ones to run. 

These are the checks


Mandatory check


Line item verification


Total check amount


HS code verification


Product code verification


Verify the currency code


Verify the country code


Supplier code verification


Importer code verification


When the Line Items check is applied, PaperEntryis now capable of determining why the data was incorrect and indicating which line contains the error.