Business Process Outsourcing / Shared Services Centers

Companies in the BPO and SSC industries thrive on efficient operations to enhance ROI with every passing minute. A data automation solution can help your team focus on revenue-generating activities by saving hundreds of hours per month that are put into manual data entry. This is where PaperEntry comes in handy.


Document Management is a huge part of the BPO and SSC industries that is undergoing a substantial transformation as large and reputable companies outsource their document processing. As a result of this new pattern of outsourcing business management, these service providers have shifted gears and expanded from more traditional models to include business verticals.


Fast, high-volume document scanners are just a few of the examples needed to create an integrated technology suite for BPO and SSC enterprises. These document management service providers need to move from basics such as document scanning and printing to advanced document capture, data recognition, and workflow management software in addition to the tasks mentioned above.


PaperEntry’s OCR software is designed to increase accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs. Our OCR software is significantly more accurate due to the advanced AI-powered algorithms. This will help you with everyday tasks, allowing your employees to focus on tasks they are best at to increase overall BPO or SSC performance, and help your business grow.